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Welcome to Our March Issue

Amy Stevenson, Publisher

Amy Stevenson, Publisher

It has been an incredible year so far, and now with March’s arrival, we know that spring is on its way. “In like a lion, out like a lamb” is an idiom that I grew up on, and I always looked forward to March because it meant that winter was almost over. This month’s issue is packed full of great articles to usher in those warm feelings. Yes, there is still snow outside, but it won’t be here for long, because the sun will melt it away and bring with it a renewed outlook.

As a true vegan foodie, I am so happy to share with you “Leafy Greens Lower Risk for Heart Disease,” the health brief on page 8, and “Veggie Renaissance,” the global brief on page 10, as the information in both is near and dear to me. Also in this issue, you will find delicious recipes from around the world as part of this month’s main feature, “The World’s Healthiest Cuisines,” on page 14. I am so excited to bring you information to help you eat healthily and deliciously!

As I anticipate spring, I am finding myself more active. I have taken up running, and even though I haven’t traveled far yet, I feel the accomplishment of it every day. On the few days that I haven’t been able to run, I have truly missed it. On page 24, you will find an article, “Fitness in 10 Minutes,” that has changed my workout routine. We all have 10 minutes, and I am sure that you will find these tips of benefit to you.

I hope that you find this issue to be just what you need to prepare something delicious and healthy while looking forward to the next season to enjoy. It is always my pleasure every month to bring you the best articles and recipes, and I truly hope you enjoy them!

All the best,

Amy Stevenson, Publisher

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