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Welcome to Our February Issue

Amy Stevenson, Publisher

Amy Stevenson, Publisher

It’s February, and it happens to be my favorite month of the year, because February is the month I was born. This year I will be 49 years old, and even though I cringe at the thought of turning 50 next year, I have decided that I am going to enjoy the last year of my 40s. I bought a 26-foot sailboat as a birthday present to me, and I am going to make her hull into a tiny house. I have wanted to downsize for a long time, and I am a true minimalist, so this is a project I am really looking forward to.

She is slipped in Florida right now, and just like me, she is a survivor. She went through Hurricane Irma with a few bumps and bruises, but all of those can be fixed. I cannot wait to sail her on the waters of Lake Michigan this summer, and photographing light houses from the water is my dream. So I will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with S. S. Crimzen this year, and that’s not a bad way to celebrate being single!

Since I haven’t found my perfect partner yet, I found Alison James’s article sharing “Mark Rosenfeld’s Secrets for Successful Love Matches” to be very helpful and informative. Rosenfeld is an Australian author, speaker and dating coach, and his advice for finding a love match is very insightful.

This month’s main theme is meditation, and these pages present many helpful and useful articles exploring how to focus better. Dr. Keith Giaquinto has a fantastic article, “Reign in Scattered Thoughts Through Meditation,” on page 16. I have many irons in the fire, and Dr. Keith explains how the mind is like a muscle—it has to be exercised and trained to focus on the current moment. I have found I am better focused when I meditate, and that those few minutes I spend clearing my mind and resting my thoughts helps tremendously.

One of my favorite articles this month is by the great Charlie Chaplin. I have always loved him, and I was surprised to see that he wrote an article titled “Self-Love.” I want to share it with you this month, because his words are as true today as they were when he wrote them.

Self-love is important. Happiness is important. Living a life you love and want to live is so important. Although I approach my 49th birthday with some trepidation, I also know how fortunate and blessed I am that I have had this many years. I plan to make the best of every day, and with meditation, focus, clarity, good health and love, I know each day will be better than the last.

With much love and happiness,

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